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Lunesta Pills Information

Lunesta (Eszopiclone) is an oral tablet that is taken to treat insomnia. It belongs to sedative and hypnotic substances. Lunesta balances brain chemicals to help people fall and stay asleep. The pills are produced in the form of round coated blue or white tablets.


  • If you are allergic to any of Lunesta components or take drugs which can contradict with it, do not start the medication.
  • The treatment must be supervised by a health adviser in case you have breathing difficulties, liver or kidney diseases, and a history of narcotics addiction.
  • Lunesta belongs to habit-forming drugs. Do not enlarge the dose and the period of medication without doctor’s recommendations.

The pill doesn’t dissolve in water and ethanol but is very soluble in phosphate buffer.

What is a Proper Dose?

The initial dose is 1mg tablet a day before sleep. Patients with more serious sleeping problems may require 2mg and 3mg pills. One pill includes such inactive ingredients like calcium phosphate, hypromellose, lactose, triacetin, PEG, silicon dioxide, croscarmellose sodium, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, and FD coloring.

Only a professional can prescribe the right dose.

Beware of automobile control because Lunesta effect can last longer than 8 hours and you can feel sleepy and lose control of the car.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is there any age limitation for Lunesta purchase?
If you are less than 18, you won’t have a chance to buy Lunesta online. Service-oriented online consultants work day and night. They will be always ready to answer all your questions through a call, chat, and email, and help to place the order.

Can I buy Lunesta online in Canada, New Zealand, the UK or the USA?
Yes, you can, but first, check whether there are drugs at the moment. What more, you are not to be a resident of the country. You can order drugs from Canada or elsewhere thanks to shipping. Your drugs will be properly packed and delivered. You pay your purchase and wait for the parcel.

Is it possible to drink alcohol and take Lunesta?
Alcohol consumption is dangerous in combination with almost all types of drugs. Alcohol can also interact with Lunesta and provoke side reactions like hallucinations, cold symptoms, headache, drowsiness, depression, and memory problems. It can also reduce the effect of pills.

Is online purchase of Lunesta cheaper than offline one?
Online drugstores collaborate with drug manufacturers. It’s beneficial for online customers. They can buy their medicines cheaper. They economize time, money, efforts, and remain healthy. The main thing is to choose a trustworthy online drugstore. The online purchase gives a chance to compare Lunesta prices and choose the cheapest one.

What should I avoid while taking Lunesta?

You’d better not take Lunesta after fatty food and alcohol consumption.  Don’t forget to inform your doctor about other drugs you take. They may interact with Lunesta ingredients and provoke serious side effects. Too much of coffee or strong tea can reduce Lunesta effect to zero.

I’m running out of drugs. Can I restore them quickly without a prescription?

Surely you can. You are just to choose an ordinary or an online drugstore. But if you have lost your prescription, you’d better choose an online drugstore where a doctor can consult you online and allow you ordering the pills. It’s faster and easier than doctor visiting and offline drugstore shopping.

When should I take Lunesta?

Take Lunesta before bedtime. Don’t use the drugs if you are going to have a trip or drive a car in less than 8 hours because you might still feel sleepy.

Can I have an allergy to Lunesta?

Eszopiclone can cause severe allergic reaction. Consult your doctor before you start the medication to avoid the unwished side reaction.

Who takes Lunesta?

Patients with such sleep disorder like insomnia take Lunesta before bedtime.

I missed a dose. What to do?

Lunesta is taken only once a day before sleep. It’s almost impossible to overdose if the dose was prescribed by a doctor properly. Take a pill but remember that its effect can last up to 9 hours, so you are to take into consideration all circumstances.


User Testimonials

“I’m 60. Stress, worries and sleepless nights (I have 4 children) deprived me of the right to have dreams. My organism almost had no rest and I gained other diseases. I decided to change the situation and turned to my health adviser. She recommended me to take Lunesta. I managed to improve my health and sleep well.”

M. Wilson

“After taking Lunesta, I found improvement in my condition. First, I took 2mg pill before bedtime and felt sleepy the whole day. I was not able to do my job. I informed my doctor and he reduced the dose. Now I take 1mg tablet. I fall asleep quickly and wake up in 7-8 hours without any problems. ”


“There is nothing more terrible than a sleepless night. Unwillingly, you recollect not only good but bad life events. This makes you feel upset, especially, when you live alone because your children are far away from you. I began to take Lunesta and now I sleep like a baby. I’m not afraid of nighttime anymore.”


“I was so depressed seeing my grandma tired and lost because of lack of sleep. Sometimes she couldn’t differentiate between reality and dreams. Lunesta brought her thoughts back to norm. Now she plays with her grandchildren and is full of vital energy.”


“I have almost lost my job because of insomnia. I couldn’t concentrate on the task and did everything slowly. My boss was dissatisfied with me. That’s why I had to solve my problem quickly. Lunesta turned to be a real rescue for me. Now I feel much better and I can focus on my job.”

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